If there is a culture that cannot be easily overlooked in Nairobi it is definitely the Matatu Culture. As the name suggests, the culture arose from Matatus which are the primary form of public transportation in Nairobi, Kenya.

As time went on the Matatus started adding customizations on to the simple matatu frame which were either a minibus or a van. These customizations were in the form of blaring bass boosted sound systems, gigantic wheels, spoilers, television screens and airbrush art.

They were basically moving art pieces and a marvel to look at especially for the younger generation myself included. I remember back in kindergarten we used to crowd at the school hedge fence just to catch a glimpse of Matatus passing by at lunch break.

Now, decades later the culture is still alive and well and is just growing bigger and bigger. What strikes me the most is how elaborate the airbrush art on these Matatus gets over time. As I stroll through the city centre and any neighborhood, I always encounter one of these masterpieces and I can’t help but take a snap.

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