I have just recently discovered that a person who loves sunsets is referred to as an Opacarophile. I also discovered that the word is quite a mouthful and as a sunset enjoyer myself, I would never refer to myself as that.

One thing about sunsets is that you never actively seek them but when you encounter them you just can’t help but marvel at their beauty. The city under the sun that is Nairobi has no shortage of these immaculate sunsets. All you need is a stroll down the newly paved Kenyatta Avenue at dusk and often times than not you will experience it.

Nairobi is at its peak beauty during sunset. It is certainly no coincidence that most of the iconic Nairobi pictures ever taken are shot at sunset. What makes Nairobi Sunsets special though? Some say it’s the iconic skyscrapers, some the busy streets at rush hour while others even claim it’s the dust from the city! For me it’s special not for any of the individual components but the fact that I get to enjoy it anywhere regardless of what part of the city I’m at.

Turns out it’s actually quite difficult to describe how beautiful sunsets are in words. Maybe it’s because I’m more of a photographer than a writer. Anyway, here are some visuals from Nairobi at Golden Hour.

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