The Great Comet of 1882 is a short film written and directed by Trevor Sagide. It’s a Sci-fi film based in Nairobi, Kenya.


The plot follows Matthew, the protagonist on a casual day as he gets home after a presumably long day and just wants to take a nap. He takes a nap on the couch as the announcement of the great comet is made. He is obviously not amused by it and goes on with his sleep unaware that the comet has more impact on him than he realized.


The cinematography in this film is quite decent considering it was entirely shot on a Mobile phone. The framing of shots and the strategic use of still shots makes it an interesting watch. There also some beautiful pans in the film but are slightly derailed by the shaky pans probably as a result of a faulty tripod. The colors are neutral and are fitting of the tone of mundanity the film is trying to achieve.


Though the film features several voices, it’s a one person film and he gave a good performance. His acting was good and even managed to squeeze in some humor within a rather mundane setting.


The writing on this film is great. The story does not waste much time to get going. The writer also manages to maintain a good pace as the stakes in the story rise higher and higher. The sound design also does a good job of pushing the story forward which is great to see.


Initially I was a little of weary when a friend suggested that I watch this film mainly because it’s a sci-fi film and as Kenyans we are not particularly well known for our sci-fi movies. But I’m happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

Considering the limitations of filming this short film I would say that it’s quite amazing what they managed to achieve.

It’s amazing to see a new generation of filmmakers propping up in Nairobi and trying to push the boundaries in whatever ways they can.

I definitely recommend that you watch this film.